We are a certified member of the BM trada Q-mark fire stopping installation scheme

This gives our clients peace of mind that their fire stopping requirements are installed correctly in accordance with both the British standards and the manufacturers instructions.

Manufacturers use a considerable amount of resources to test these products and find the optimum installation method.

Fully qualified and accredited engineers

Our fire stopping engineers know and understand that it is vitally important to install fire stopping and seals in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The fire rating will be considerably reduced or removed if the materials are not installed in a specific way.

About the Fire Stopping

Fire stopping can save lives, stopping a fire spread from one dwelling to another

It is important to use an accredited company with all fire protection needs as this will ensure optimum methods are used as well as inspections by a third party confirming standards are maintained.

Almost all fire stopped penetrations are hidden above ceilings or in risers, so ensuring these passive fire precautions are installed correctly is imperative. You wont know anything is wrong until smoke and fire spreads through the building.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a fire stopping system in your home.

Easy Installation

Discreet Design

Save Property

Low mainteance

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