Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are proven to be the most effective form of fire protection and are your first line of defence against fire.

Fire sprinklers have an excellent record of reliability in controlling and ultimately limiting the spread of fire to within the area that the fire starts ensuring occupants have enough time to escape and the fire brigade more time to attend.

  • By installing fire sprinklers, the average property loss can be reduced by up to 70%
  • Fires are controlled or even extinguished in 99% of sprinkler protected buildings
  • There has never been a fire death in the UK within a building protected by a fully maintained sprinkler system 100%

Auto Sprinkler Services

Retrofitt Sprinkler Systems

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems, think of it as a modern day technology makeover.

Domestic and residential sprinkler systems are not just for new build projects, they can be installed within any existing occupied building with minimal disruption.

A retro fit sprinkler system will meet or exceed the requirements of BS9251 and can be installed under existing ceilings with the pipework painted or boxed in to minimise any aesthetic concerns you may have.


Domestic Sprinkler

Domestic systems are designed in accordance with BS9251 for use within single occupancy buildings such as individual houses or flats.

These systems are normally installed to reduce the regulations required under part B of planning permission applications relating to fire separation requirements and protected exist routes. This gives designers more freedom to offer open plan designs and gives occupants peace of mind knowing they are protected.


Residential Sprinkler

Residential systems are designed in accordance with BS9251 for use within multi occupancy buildings such as Care homes, Nursing homes and Apartment blocks.

These systems can be installed as a requirement of the local authority for buildings of a certain height, but they are mostly installed to reduce passive fire protection requirements and increase the length of required exit routes.

These systems can reduce other building costs which can potentially make installing a sprinkler system the same cost as not installing one. Care and Nursing homes without sprinkler protection will require door closers on bedrooms, but sprinkler protected homes can omit this requirement as well as many others.

BS9251 sprinkler protection will give designers more freedom to increase open plan areas without failing planning permission requirements for fire protection.


Sprinkler Maintenance

All fire protection equipment should be maintained in accordance with their appropriate standard.

BS9251 Domestic and Residential systems require an annual visit by a competent contractor to check that all components work correctly, the water supply is still sufficient and that no building or occupancy changes have occurred which could affect these systems operating as intended.

We also provide a 24 hour call out service for clients with a maintenance agreement in place to give peace of mind to tenants and landlords that any issues with the systems can be rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Sprinkler Servicing

We offer yearly servicing on all sprinkler and fire systems even if it wasn’t previously installed by Auto Sprinkler Solutions lTD. We maintain residential, domestic and retrofitted sprinklers.


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