Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers such as dry pipe and wet pipe systems have an excellent record of reliability and effectiveness in the controlling, or limiting the spread, of fire. Sprinklers will, in many situations, extinguish fires, avoiding the need for firefighters to risk entering the fire area.

Auto Sprinkler Services

Retrofitt Sprinkler Systems

Retrofit sprinkler systems are great as they are able to be installed into existing older buildings without the need for mass mess. We do not need to rip up your ceiling in order to leave you with the very best fire protection.


Domestic Sprinkler

For use in Homes, Bungalows & Apartments. Add an extra layer of safety and protection with a fire sprinkler system from Auto Sprinkler Solutions LTD. Sprinkler systems saves lives in the event of fire. Don’t leave your family and home at risk.


Residential Sprinkler

We use low flow sprinklers that operate independently, this ensures that minimum water is used when putting out fires. Residential sprinkler systems are used in care homes, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.


Sprinkler Maintenance

Sometimes your sprinkler system can breakdown or become faulty. If you suspect that your system is faulty, contact Auto Sprinkler Solutions LTD immediately. Don’t take risks, a faulty sprinkler system may be putting you in danger.


Sprinkler Servicing

We offer yearly servicing on all sprinkler and fire systems even if it wasn’t previously installed by Auto Sprinkler Solutions lTD. We maintain residential, domestic and retrofitted sprinklers.


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